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What our centres do

Essentially, Xtreme Active has been created to give the public a fun and alternative way to exercise and socialise.  Our innovative portfolio of activities increases footfall and participation through leisure facilities all over the UK, giving all our licence holders the chance to engage and retain new clients on a regular basis.

  • Birthday parties

    Birthday parties

    Our activities are designed to get children exercising whilst having the time of their life!  Our full portfolio of games are available at any Xtreme Active venue.  Book a Birthday party now and be the talk of the town with Xtreme Active!

  • Holiday clubs

    Holiday clubs

    Xtreme Active offer holiday clubs nationwide in licence holding venues.  You can be sure that by booking a space on an Xtreme Active holiday club, your child will enjoy the latest innovative activities.

  • Equipment rental

    Equipment rental

    Our licenced venues enjoy the added benefit of having access to our equipment from our rental shop.  If you would like to hire any of our items, please contact your local centre today!

  • Team building

    Team building

    Our activities are perfect to get your colleagues active whilst offering a team building event at your local Xtreme Active centre.

  • Community outreach

    Community outreach

    Xtreme Active venues will also benefit from the support of Xtreme HQ to ensure that your community can experience the very latest in fun physical activity at fun days.

  • End of season rewards

    End of season rewards

    Our portfolio is perfect to reward your local sports team for a long hard season.  Book now at any of our Xtreme Active venues!

  • Extra-curricular clubs

    Extra-curricular clubs

    Our games are perfect for coaching companies and the like to raise participation numbers in after school clubs. Proven to work, our Xtreme Active licence is very popular amongst some of the largest education coaching companies in the UK.

  • Fitness classes

    Fitness classes

    Our games allow a leisure facility to offer something a little outside the box.  Our games can be incorporated into fitness classes for all ages and genders to enjoy.

Our games portfolio

The Xtreme Active portfolio is designed with several core objectives in mind. All activities are physically testing and visually appealing to create interest.  Most importantly of all, the activities are enormously fun!  With these three integral ingredients, we believe we are creating an innovative portfolio that will take over the stale offerings that we have seen in leisure facilities in the past. The Xtreme Group have a proven track record of bringing the latest craze to the market place. These games have now become more accessible through our network of Xtreme Active venues and licensees.

  • BattleZone Archery

    BattleZone Archery

    Xtreme Archery is the latest craze in combat activity, a mix between paintball and dodgeball, a high-octane event that keeps you on the move constantly as you try to avoid the oncoming arrows! An exclusive product to the Xtreme Group.

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  • Xtreme Bubble Football

    Xtreme Bubble Football

    The phenomenon that is Xtreme Bubble Football - this is where it all began!  A very popular activity that can be tailored to suit any occasion.  An incredibly tiring game, the exercise element almost gets overlooked due to the immense fun being had!

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  • Turbo10 Cricket

    Turbo10 Cricket

    Another original concept founded by the Xtreme Group.  A fast paced maximum participation game of cricket, designed to get local people playing cricket in communities nationwide.  You can now book at your local Xtreme Active centre.

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  • Xtreme Dodgeball

    Xtreme Dodgeball

    An old classic with an Xtreme twist.  A game of dodgeball like no other as we play a high intensity version of the iconic game.  Maximum participation for the full duration of the event ensures that a good work out will be had by all.

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  • Goggle Football

    Goggle Football

    A unique concept founded by the Xtreme Group.  Xtreme Goggle Football is a hilarious activity that combines the usual household classic British sports mixed with Xtreme visual impairment goggles.  Great event for all occasions.

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  • Old-School Sports Day

    Old-School Sports Day

    An activity that is full of nostalgia and fantastic for all ages, genders and abilities.  This fun activity gets the whole group moving whilst having that social competitiveness that we all sometimes crave.  Perfect for birthday parties and team building.

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Our rental portfolio

All Xtreme Active licence holders get exclusive access to our collection of rental equipment.  This unique concept gives our centres and licensees the ability to rent equipment that is usually out of reach to their clients and local communities at very affordable rates.

  • Inflatable pitch

    Inflatable pitch

    A 20m x 10m inflatable football pitch, perfect for creating that space specifically for football within a populated area.  Book through your closest Xtreme Active centre.

    Hire Inflatable pitch

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  • Archery shoot stand

    Archery shoot stand

    Fantastic game that improves hand eye coordination.  Shoot the floating balls out of the air with soft tip bow and arrows.

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  • Football dartboard

    Football dartboard

    A fun game that is highly addictive.  Shoot the sticky balls at the dartboard to try and achieve the maximum score, improving and developing your football accuracy.  Book through your nearest Xtreme Active licence holder.

    Hire Football dartboard

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Our Xtreme Active partners

We are proud to say we have some of the most respected names in their fields as partners. From advertising sites to generate footfall towards our licensees to successful businesses that have joined us in our mission to get the UK active.  A big thank you to all the organisations below.

  • UK Active
  • Premier Education Group
  • One Leisure
  • Climb Online
  • Groupon
  • Living Social
  • Wowcher

We are delighted to announce that Climb Online, the company founded by ‘The Apprentice’ winner Mark Wright and Lord Sugar have agreed to create a specific marketing strategy for Xtreme Active to help us reach our goal. Mark will be on hand personally to answer any questions that our licence holders may have. He is a massive advocate of the concept and is excited to be playing his part in getting the UK active.

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