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Who are Xtreme Active?

Xtreme Active has been created as a licenced product available to the leisure sector to help improve participation in physical activity all over the UK. We thought that the way people view exercise needed to change.  We felt that people had become bored with the same mundane offerings that are readily available in the UK’s leisure facilities.  Therefore, we have disturbed this by introducing our own unique portfolio of fun, high-octane, visually brilliant and physically tiring activities.  These can then be marketed by each centre however they feel they can engage with the community.  That could be in way of birthday parties, team building events, fitness classes, end of season celebrations and the like.  Our licences are also available to coaching companies who want to fill after school clubs and tick that box of 100% participation.

We have partnered with some of the largest names within the sector as we launch our quest to get 1.4 million people active through our activities within 5 years. This in turn will introduce brand new footfall to the leisure facilities of the UK that we hope will be retained.

Our licences give the public an opportunity to get active whilst having fun and keeping social.  All games are perfect for a weekly fix of exercise, or even if you want to do something different for that special occasion.  Our games are available in licenced premises all over the UK.  We look forward to seeing partaking in an Xtreme Active event in your local community soon.

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